Email hosting

Our email hosting offers a great solution for those who want a less expensive alternative to Microsoft Exchange®.

Email hosting services are mostly for small to medium business business that rely on custom email addresses which match the name of their website domain name. They allow users to create a variety of email addresses that utilise the same domain name suffix (eg.

In addition our email system allows

– Collaboration and sharing tools which enables you to share contacts, calendars, tasks and documents

– Anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing software to help prevent suspicious emails from reach your inbox. You will be able to configure and maintain Whitelist/Blacklist, Spam Quarantine management and email restriction settings.

– Emails aciving, inbound emails will be stored in a central and searchable archive for future reference. The archive is located in our secure and cloud infrastructure.

– Online file storage allowing photos, documents and videos to be saved in a secure, cloud environment, which can be accessed from your computer, smartphone or tablet.


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