Website Design FAQ

Website Design FAQ2021-11-24T13:21:20+10:30
How much does a website cost?2022-11-10T10:44:22+10:30

There is a lot of variance in website costs as this depends on the client’s needs.  Every client’s website differs from everyone elses and so does the amount of time we will need to spend on the project.   But as a ballpark, most sites range from as low as $2000 + GST for an entry level site to $12,000 + GST for more advanced needs. We are always happy to go over this with you with no obligation.

Can you take photos for us?2022-11-15T09:13:24+10:30

Yes, and have done this for many of our clients including portraits, shop location, products and 360 degree virtual tours.  We can definitely help you with this! Please have a look at some of the photos that we have taken for clients over the years and let us know if you would like us to take some business photos you.

Can you design a logo for us?2022-10-12T13:35:54+10:30

Yes, as graphic designers we have designed many effective logos for our clients.  We can also design other graphics for you, too.

What is a CMS?2022-10-25T11:30:00+10:30

A CMS is a Content Management System.  It is a fancy way of saying that you can manage the content of your website yourself (if you want to).

Who owns the website?2022-11-10T10:22:19+10:30

The website we create for you is yours and you can do what you like with it, including selecting the website host (depending on the system used).  We hope you will use us for website hosting because we provide a good service but will provide you with access to the site.

If the site is using a open source solution, such as WordPress, the site may be transportable which means it can be moved to another website host rather easily.  If it is using a proprietary service such as Shopify or BigCommerce,  then the site needs to remain on the respective service.

Who updates the website?2022-10-27T12:07:40+10:30

We can design a site for you that you can update.  Most of our clients update their own sites, including shopping carts but we are happy to do this for you if you like.  Some of our clients update their own sites for the day to day operations but ask us to do the more complicated items.  Once your site is designed we can continue to be your partner with your website!

Are there any other costs that I should know about?2022-11-10T10:53:45+10:30

Most websites need the following things

  • Domain name ( registrations are for 2 years)
  • Website hosting (annual cost)
  • Website software security maintenance (monthly or yearly cost if applicable)
  • email hosting (if applicable)
  • Website updates (this can be done by the client.  If A7Designs does the updates then this is done at an hourly rate)
  • Plugins and themes may require subscriptions
  • Shopping cart solutions such as Shopify and BigCommerce are subscription-based services
How long does it take to build a website?2022-11-10T09:26:11+10:30

For smaller sites, a typlical turnaround is usually 3 to 6 weeks once all the materials have been sourced.  A lot depends on what the client needs to provide which may include images, photos and videos, text for pages and when they can provide it.  However, to keep the site ticking along, we use whatever is provided as soon as we get it and incorporate it into the design.

Can A7Designs help me?2022-11-10T09:45:34+10:30

Yes! (we certainly will try our best).  Always happy to discuss your website designs needs and will give you straight advice on whether we can help you or not. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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