How will your site be found?

It is important to think about how your customers are going to find your website on the Internet, before your site is developed.

Search engine optimisation is the methodology behind making your web site search engine friendly, so you can achieve higher rankings in internet searches. This increases the likelihood of your web site being found by potential customers.

We can connect you with one of our business partners to provide sound advice and quality internet marketing. We believe this is such a specialised field that it is important to work with a dedicated professional in this area.

The content of websites is an important part of SEO, our partner can help you decide which words best identify your business to your customers, and work with you to ensure they appear in your website.

Good design increases your chance of getting more favourable listings with search engines and we can work in tandem with our SEO partner to develop strategies and implement them for your business.

Keyword Planner

A good place to start your search for relevant keywords is Google’s Keyword planner. Start choosing the words and phrases that you think your customers may use and then see the results of what are the most common keywords used in that category.